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Thank you LATIS, and Lithuania

March 19th, 2010


I have just spent a wonderful few days in Lithuania, in the beautiful capital city of Vilnius, conducting a three-day training course in data communications. I was delivering the course on behalf of a training company here in the UK. The pace of the course was a little too fast, because there was a lot of material to cover.  In my opinion,  too much to explain in just three days.

I would have preferred to have designed my own course,  so I tried to include some cool and useful technical tips and knowledge – at least enough for keen students to research further.  If any student wishes to contact me, they can CLICK HERE and I will receive any question and then provide any help needed.  No fee – just friendly advice.

latislogoI would like to thank LATIS, the Lithuanian security technology engineers union, for their warm, kind hospitality.  My personal thanks to Pranis, Aurika, Rimuntas and Gaudenis. I hope to visit you again some day.


There is a legend that surrounds the founding of Vilnius, the present day capital of Lithuania. Legend has it The Grand Duke of Lithuania, Gediminas, went on a hunting trip in the holy woods of the Valley of Sventaragis. Tired after a successful day of hunting, the Grand Duke settled for the night near a hill at the convergence of the Neris and Vilnia rivers. He fell asleep soundly and had a dream. A huge iron wolf was standing on top of this hill and the sound of hundreds of other wolves inside it filled all the surrounding fields and woods.

After the hunting trip, Gediminas went back to Trakai (the capital of Lithuania at that time) and consulted the pagan priest (oracle), Lizdeika, to reveal the secrets behind the dream. And the priest told him: “What is destined for the ruler and the state of Lithuania, let it be: The iron wolf means a formidable castle and town which will be established by the ruler on this site. The city will stand as strong as iron and its walls will protect the land from its enemies. The massive sound dwelled inside the wolf, symbolized the fame of the city shall echo beyond their borders and proclaim throughout the centuries the glory of Lithuania.”

Gediminas heeded and pleased with the priest’s reveal of his dream. He begin to summon artisans and craftsmen around the country and Europe to design and construct his new strong and beautiful kingdom, which would surround this hill where he had the dream of the iron wolf. Upon the completion Gediminas moved his home, signaling the establishment of a new capital for his country: Vilnius.

[Read more about Lithuania and the legend of the Iron Wolf, which was reproduced courtesy of:

http://faculty-staff.ou.edu/A/Andre.L.Anderson-1/ltlegend.htm ]

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