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MPLS FAQ – For Beginners

April 3rd, 2010

Here is a basic overview of MPLS describing:

  • What is Multi?Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)?
  • What is a label? What is the structure of the label?
  • Where will the label be imposed in a packet?
  • What is a Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC)?
  • What is an upstream label switch router (LSR)?
  • What is a downstream LSR?
  • What do the terms incoming, outgoing, local, and remote mean when referring to labels?
  • Can an LSR transmit/receive a native packet (non?MPLS) on a MPLS interface?
  • Can an LSR receive/transmit a labeled packet on a non MPLS interface?
  • What platforms and Cisco IOSs® support MPLS?
  • Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnel has a overhead of 24 bytes.  How much overhead does an MPLS LSP tunnel have?
  • How does the LSR know which is the top label, bottom label, and a middle label?
  • What is the range of label values? What label values are reserved andWhat do the reserved values signify?

MPLS FAQ For Beginners (.pdf)

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