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Configure Replace

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The group over at NIL have written an nice article on the configure replace command.. It allows you to replace the running configuration with a copy of the startup configuration (or some other config you have on a TFTP server).

Previously, this was only possible by rebooting the router or using a ton of “no” commands to back all your configuration out. The router can even list what commands will be negated as it replaces the running configuration!

The command to pull it off is this:

Router#configure replace nvram:startup-config list

The “list” command on the end will list the syntax the router is adding or removing as it goes…very nice! The entire write-up on this can be found here.

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Decrypting Type 7 Passwords – within the IOS!

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Decrypting Type 7 Password on Cisco Router

You know those type 7 (non-MD5) so-called “encryption”  strings that appear when service password-encryption is used?  A lot of people copy the string and go to websites (google cisco password cracker) and use a java applet or something to decrypt them.

However, you can actually do this on any cisco router.  This is how you do it. Read more…

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