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MySQL in Danger?

January 1st, 2010


Oracle Finalises deal to acquire Sun
An announcement on their website (http://www.oracle.com/us/sun/index.htm ) states:
“we plan to engineer and deliver open and integrated systems—from applications to disk—where all the pieces fit and work together out of the box.”

(Note the use of small “o” in “Open”)

Help keep the Internet free


“A big part of the Internet is built on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python). Now Oracle is trying to buy Sun, which owns MySQL.

It’s not in the Internet users interest that one key piece of the net would be owned by an entity that has more to gain by severely limiting and in the long run even killing it as an open source product than by keeping it alive. If Oracle were allowed to acquire MySQL, we would be looking at less competition among databases, which will mean higher license and support prices. In the end it’s always the consumers and the small businesses that have to pay the bills, in this case to

Thanks for all the help in the first Save mysql effort. The blog got hit by more than 60,000 users and we where able to generate an approximate number of 10,000 emails to the EC. New answers are still coming in. Of the answers 0.7 % says “I trust Oracle”. The rest 99.3 % says that they don’t trust that Oracle would be good owner of MySQL.”

Taken from:

Monty – Creator of MySQL

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