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Cisco “leans on” Jeremy Cioara! (What are they thinking?)

April 5th, 2010

Jeremy Cioara has,  for many years, encouraged countless hundreds of thousands of would-be Cisco engineers through his skillful training and fabulous Cisco expertise.

In his spare time, he runs a blog “ciscoblog.com” which gets in excess of 600,000 unique visitors per month.  Jeremy’s blog is mainly devoted to Cisco and provides valuable and harmless (quite the opposite) marketing for Cisco.

This is how Cisco thanks him:

On his blog, Jeremy (always the saint) simply says:

Well, after 5 fun years of running CiscoBlog.com, Cisco “agents” have come. I was contacted by Cisco a couple weeks ago stating that CiscoBlog.com violates their trademark. Being that CiscoBlog.com gets 600,000 hits monthly (isn’t that amazing?!?) I thought I could at least get a box of t-shirts out of the whole deal. Unfortunately, the response went something like, “Mr. Anderson…this is a legal matter. We don’t negotiate.”

So…I have until July 4th to find a new domain name. I guess if I owned Cisco, I wouldn’t want some hoodlum posting at CiscoBlog.com…so I understand the complaint.

…I just wanted a box of t-shirts out of the whole thing… :o)

Good luck Jeremy.  But Cisco?  I won’t say what I am thinking..

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